Dan Zaiontz

Dan has presented at more than 50 higher education conferences, webinars and institutions in recent years discussing topics ranging from social media best practices for organizational leaders; using social media to advance strategic goals; to the future of social media engagement for organizations and their senior leaders.

Here is a taste of the expertise Dan can offer your organization:


Dan shares the key takeaways from his book, #FollowTheLeader: Lessons in Social Media Success from #Highered CEOs, which include best practices and meaningful insights.


Dan reveals how engaged organizational and institutional leaders are using social media to help advance their strategic goals and priorities.


Dan predicts what the future holds for organizations and their senior leaders on social media including what they can do proactively prepare for a world where even more entrenched in these emerging communications platforms.


Dan discusses social media fundamentals for organizations and senior leaders looking to venture into the space for the first time.