In spring-summer 2013, Zaiontz conducted a major academic research study entitled #FollowTheLeader. The study was informed by an exhaustive review of academic, industry and media sources; observation of relevant social media activity, and more than 20 confidential interviews with Canadian and American university and college senior leaders. The study explored a number of themes including: best practices in social media engagement by higher ed leaders, unique and perceived risks and opportunities of these activities, current conditions for university and college presidents on social media and recommendations for strategic advisers in assisting leaders to effectively employ these tools.

The findings of the study served as the foundation for Zaiontz’s first book #FollowTheLeader: Lessons in Social Media Success from #HigherEd CEOs which was published in January 2015 in partnership with mStoner Inc. Offering salient insights to higher ed leaders and their advisers, #FollowTheLeader also provides recommendations for those who want to adopt social media — or learn how to use it more effectively.


Once upon a time, college and university presidents distrusted social media. But no more. Presidents are using social media to amplify their voices and to engage with constituents by sharing their ideas with leading journalists on Twitter, gaining followers among students and parents on Facebook, and posting selfies with influential…